Monday, April 26, 2010

Tropical Audubon Society Holds Annual Membership Meeting

The Tropical Audubon Society in South Miami held its annual membership meeting on Sunday, where an American Redstart (photo left) decided to stop by on its way North.

Keynote speaker Eric Buermann, governing board chair of the South Florida Water Management District, updated members on measures to restore the Everglades and praised the Obama Administration for making efforts to "move the ball down the field" when it comes to restoration efforts that have clearly become mired in controversy and economic problems.

Alan Farago, conservation chair of Friends of the Everglades, was awarded the Polly Redford Citizen Service Award. He said it's time to "start dreaming big for the Everglades," and suggested it may be time to consider the option of land condemnation to acquire properties critical to restoring water flow in the Everglades.

Environmental journalist and author of "Paving Paradise" Craig Pittman spoke about his new book, "Manatee Insanity," and the history of manatee protection efforts. Gary Milano, coordinator of the Coastal Habitat Restoration Program was presented with the Emily Young award and Brian Rapoza won the TAS Board Appreciation Award.

An American Redstart at the Doc Thomas House, headquarters of The Tropical Audubon Society in South Miami.


  1. The American Redstart is a really pretty bird!

  2. Those poor redish egrets in the gulf region might not fare too well with all that oil!!!